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Laminated Flooring Care – Cleaning Your Laminated Floor

Laminated flooring has been around for over fifty years and it is the most durable, beautiful, and versatile floor covering available on the market today. In order to get the best out of your laminated floor, you need to know how to care for it. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do.

Laminated flooring is actually a multi-layered synthetic material fused with a top coating of a lamination coating. This makes it very easy to clean and maintain, which is why so many people choose laminated flooring over all other types of floor coverings. Laminated flooring actually simulates real wood with a reflective, clear protective coat layer under an overlay of a colored sub-top layer. The middle layer is usually made of polyurethane and melamine resin materials.

Laminated floors will begin to deteriorate after just a few years. This is because they are composed mostly of water-based products. This means that as soon as moisture touches it, a chemical reaction occurs. If you have ever had mold in your house, you already know that this chemical reaction is what causes it to develop. Laminated flooring can also become discolored if there is extreme moisture or water in the room. If you have a spill on a laminated floor, the first thing that will happen is the color will start to fade. As the stain dries, the color will change to a grayish color.

This fading of color happens because the water stains and dirt are being removed from the surface of the laminated floor. This is why it is so important to clean up spills immediately after they happen. You need to remove any liquid stains that were not cleaned up by the manufacturer as well as any oil spills. If you don’t make sure to remove these stains as soon as possible, they can actually cause damage to the sub-tops and the entire floor.

Laminated flooring also needs to be vacuumed regularly. This is because some laminated flooring can be difficult to clean, especially if there is dirt on them from food spills, footwear, and liquids like juices and other foods. When you vacuum your floor, you will be removing the dirt that collects around the laminating layers, leaving a fresh layer of new lamination underneath.

To keep laminated floors looking its best, you should treat them with care. There are a few things to remember and you should always be careful with the liquids that come in contact with your laminated floor. For more info on laminated flooring visit the nearest Sacramento flooring company in your area.