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Reasons for choosing Tax Attorney Services

There are many reasons for choosing the services of a qualified, competent tax attorney. An experienced professional knows all the ins and outs of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), as well as the intricacies of Florida state tax law. He knows how to draft good argumentative briefs and how to strategically “poke” his arguments into the appropriate forms. A skilled tax lawyer can get results beyond your wildest dreams. The IRS, for example, may elect to waive your penalties and interest in some circumstances. The Defense Tax Partners firm is well-versed in these types of scenarios, and can help you work out the best compromise between your deserved fines and outstanding tax liabilities.

Tax Attorney Services


Tax attorneys often serve as agents for their clients, privy to their secrets and inner workings. They have access to the most valuable information about the Internal Revenue Service and are often called on to reveal the agency’s dirty little secrets. They are also authorized to sue tax assessors and auditors, when needed. Some tax attorneys offer their “outside” services such as preparing financial statements and providing tax code legal advice to individuals or businesses. You could also use them as an advocate to pursue an IRS audit. Many states have developed special state tax attorneys services that allow taxpayers to represent them in court, if necessary.


Other tax attorney services include enrolling agents. These professional representatives work with enrolled agents (tax attorneys) and act as go-between for the taxpayer and the IRS. Enrolled agents file their own taxes and report their information to the taxpayer. Tax attorneys are not permitted to file any tax paperwork, and are not permitted to give any legal advice to taxpayers. However, they can advise the taxpayer on strategies to handle tax problems with the IRS.


Tax attorneys are not limited to the states’ twenty-eight states alone. Tax attorneys can be found all throughout the country, because almost every state has a sales and revenue department. Tax attorneys can also be located in the largest city in your area. For example, New York City has several tax attorneys who specialize in working with businesses. Attorneys can also be found in San Diego, Tampa, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and many other cities throughout the nation.


The duty of a tax attorney is to protect the rights of taxpayers and maximize their chances of getting a tax resolution. Tax attorneys can be very helpful in situations where an enrolled agent does not know what the law states concerning tax issues. In these cases, the attorney can interpret the terms of the tax code to the best of his or her knowledge and help the client to appeal to the right state or federal tax authorities. He or she can also represent the taxpayer before the IRS, filing appeals, and working with the IRS to resolve the matter. Attorneys can also help the taxpayer prepare the necessary paperwork and conduct all other necessary transactions to process his or her tax liability.


Tax attorneys can handle a wide variety of legal matters, including incorporation, corporate acquisitions, business contracts, sales tax, payrolls, estate planning, insurance matters, and many other types of tax issues. Because of this wide range of expertise, many tax attorneys have their own practices. They can often be found in small, family-run offices and practices in large cities. They can also be found online, providing individuals with access to a wide range of tax attorneys and legal services.